Saturday, October 18, 2008

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In 1987, mindlessly giving in to peer pressure, I first tested for "HIV," knowing I couldn't have it, having had no risky behavior in over six years at the time and we were told the virus killed you in less time than that. Plus, I hadn't even suffered a cold in the 8 years since I got turned on to the exercise that boosts the immune system, and after respiratory problems having been my nemisis for the first 36 years of my life!

Imagine the shock when told I was "positive" and would die in 2-3 years without early medical intervention -- which could extend my life a year, by which time we'd have a cure -- and not to worry if I couldn't afford it; they'd get me into a study group!

No way! I'd already lost 100 friends to AIDS. All had had faith in their doctors. But the handful of friends I'd turned on to the immune boosting exercise I'd been doing since1980 were doing perfectly fine with no medical intervention whatsoever. Even my ex-, who had almost died from the medications, recovered when he went off them. Now that I, too, was told I had the virus, I thought for sure I'd discovered the cure for HIV/AIDS!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

an open letter to Michael Moore

I finally saw sicko and it earned my top rating: 0  Z's.  I rate my movies by Z's.  Every time I nod out during a movie, it earns a Z.  The lower the score, the better the flick. 
I loved every frame of this movie, from the opening vignettes to very end of the closing titles, which I'm glad I stayed for.  It made me smile. It made me laugh. It made me cry. It made me think.  It showed me things that have improved my understanding.  But I did not agree with the basic premise.  I wrote Mr. Moore today in response to an email from him about 300 Americas dying this week because they were uninsured.
Dear Mr. Moore,
300 may have died from not having so-called "health" insurance, but probably ten times as many died from unnecessary medical treatments because they had insurance.  The medical-pharmaceutical industry is the number one cause of death, disease, disfigurement and depression.  They are destroying health.  Medical science does not always follow scientific method.  (Prime example: AIDS)  It is a pseudo science.  It is a religion masquerading as science.  As such, all governmedical alliances are unconstitutional.  They are not only destroying our health. They are bankrupting our society in the process.  Shame on you for doing so much research and not seeing this. 
I used to be a fat person like you and a growing number of Americans.  We're fat for many reasons, but primarily because of our animal-based diet.  Cancer and heart disease, our major killers, are the animals' revenge.  Cattle are not only destroying our health, they have recently been shown to be the major cause of global warming -- a very inconvenient truth for cattle farmers like Al Gore.  I wish you would look into this. 
I saw Sicko and loved almost every minute of it, but you still missed the mark.  Yes, the insurance system is corrupt, but the whole medical industry is amiss, doing much more harm than good.  I recently watched a DVD called "Eating"  (Eating Plus, actually).  I highly recommend you watch this, Mr. Moore.  It could add many healthy years to your life.  And while I don't agree with your conclusions of Sicko, I do believe you are a national treasure and would like to see you stick around this planet for a long time to come.
Edward Lieb


Saturday, June 2, 2007

questions & comments from a new rebounder customer

As I haven't blogged much lately, I thought I'd share some interesting correspondance and my reply:  [Bracketed comments are mine.]

Hi Ed-

I just wanted to check in with you regarding my rebounding.  I really like
the workout, but overdid it initially and had some pretty strong cleansing
reactions.  I backed off and am adding a minute or so per day-am doing
about 15 minutes twice per day.  My lymph nodes have gone down and my
lower back feels much better.  I also noticed that another fingernail is
normalizing from red to light coloration, something that I thought was
parasites-one of the books mentioned "trapped blood proteins" which may be
another explanation.  I was actually gearing up to plunge into yoga and
meditation, but this is much more fun and less work/control.

The video [the Immune System DVD that is included free with the rebounder] was excellent.  I have a background in biology so it was not
difficult to understand it.  The footage of cellular functions was great;
it is always good to visualize cellular dynamics to understand an obscure
concept.  When the DVD started and mentioned "cell food" I thought it was
going to be an infomercial regarding glyconutrients, but was pleased that
there was nothing for sale.  I am curious though, what nutrient
supplementation that you use, if you don't mind sharing.



Thank you so much for the feedback.  Are you starting and ending every rebound session with 3 to 5 minutes of the gentle health bounce? When I redo my website I want to add letters like yours to show people how amazing rebound exercise really is. 
Glad you liked the video.  You don't need a science background to understand it. That's the true beauty of it.  Carter's healthy cell concept is so simple and makes so much sense.  When it comes to nutrition, he didn't know as much as we know now when he made the original tape, circa 1988.  Glad you asked about supplements, Carter was pushing Km at the time,but that was edited out of the DVD.  I take no supplements.  One of the things I learned from 20+ years of observations of what other people were doing wrong, is that more often than not, the pills, powders and potions people take in their quest for health, generally interfere with it.  I think a lot of people need to have something exotic and expensive to believe in.  When these things work well, it is probably due to the placebo effect more than anything else.
I believe there is no better way to get your nutrition than from living plant sources -- locally grown and organic as much as possible.  Also, I think distilled water is the best choice.  As to specifics, I find if you eat a variety of colors over the course of the year, you get everything you need.  Look for foods that appeal to you.  Just as with rebounding, listen to your body.  Living Nutrition Magazine is  probably the best source of information along this line.  Most of the other "raw" groups have evolved to selling exotic, overpriced placebos.  Another good website:  
Continued success to you.  I don't know how old you are, or what kind of shape you're in, but I can tell you I was a fat, unathletic person when I started rebounding in my mid-thirties.  I look and feel so much better now, in my sixties, and as far as I can tell, it's still getting better with time!  We've not only been misled all our lives about health and disease, but also about aging.

Monday, January 29, 2007

on testing and boycotting blood donation

The average person's greatest risk of ending up an AIDS victim comes from taking the test!  The testing has been shown to be invalid, but the results of being told one has failed this invalid test can be lethal.  The testing should be outlawed.  Whatever this test is actually detecting, if indeed one unique entity at all, it does not appear to be a threat to anyone.  Maybe that is why the CDC stopped publishing surveillance data in 1999.

The testing must be stopped.  Right now everyone who donates blood is getting tested whether he knows it or not.  You put yourself at risk of becoming an AIDS victim everytime you donate blood.  People worry that a boycott on blood donations would cost lives, but the truth is, it would cause a marked decrease in unnecessary surgeries and other medical procedures and death rates drop.

Monday, January 22, 2007

can u believe this musclehead who calls himself a writer?

 Just thought I'd share a gem from my e-mail to illustrate what we're up against.

Subject: (no subject)
Date: 1/22/2007 7:24:56 A.M. Eastern Standard Time
From: Muscle...
To: AIDSisOver

You are completely insane are or misinformed. AIDS is very much in epidemic form worldwide - Africa, Asia. Time to re-check your completely inaccurate statistics - as it is currently spiking up here in the US as well, thanks to wide spread crystal meth use. Wait a few short years and see. If it seems under control in your view, well that is only because medicines have become - for the time being - highly effective. This is no time to walk way or ignore the possibilities of the future. Aids HAS NOT been cured. AIDS is NOT OVER - not by a long shot. It is only by keeping it in the forefront - constantly - they we even stand a ghost of a chance of wiping it out for the future. A mind such as yours sounds highly dangerous for the future of medicine. And your having a screen name proclaiming AIDSISOVER???? Don't you have anything more productive to do with your time? Or at least honest?
to which I replied:
The misinformed one here is you, my friend, along with most of the world who are brainwashed with propaganda and don't have the common sense to question things that don't make sense and examine the evidence with scientific scrutiny.  Believe me, I am not insane, although having an IQ that puts me in the top 1% of the world is not exactly normal.
The medications are not responsible for the decline of AIDS.  The people who are living the longest and the best don't take them. The decline started before the miracle drugs came out.  AIDS in Africa has nothing to do with HIV or what is called AIDS in America.  There are several documentaries and thousands of web pages online, as well as many books exposing the HIV/AIDS hoax, as it coming to be recognized.  You can get a decent overview by reading the online reviews and excerpts from VirusMyth AIDS WebSite - Book Section
Before you start your name-calling and get your tits in an uproar, you need to open your eyes and your mind and do a little research. 
Then I received the following:
Subject: (no subject)
Date: 1/22/2007 8:19:44 A.M. Eastern Standard Time
From: MuscleRomanceNYC
You are indeed EXTREMELY misinformed and as I said before, probably insane - oh, and as a person who knows A GREAT deal of where I speak (unlike yourself, who is refering to online information, which is widely know for being inaccuate, particularly in relation to anything medical as online publications, blogs, re-prints, statistics, etc. are not required to be fact checked as most other periodicals are and therfore deemed mostly unreliable) - in addition I might add you couldn't possibly have a high IQ, not with the false information you spread like fowl manure for no apparant reason.  There is no brainwashing or propaganda going on here. Just your mentioning that suggests a strange and unsettling paranoia that so often goes hand in hand with people who bring up the very notions of "brainwashing" and "progaganda" in the first place - perhaps too many bad movies and TV shows. The medications are indeed responsible for the decline of AIDS - not HIV mind you, which is GROWING, just the disease, the illness, we have come to refer to as AIDS - a fact you might want to get right from the get go. The decline in AIDS DID NOT start before the good, latest drugs came out (they are not "miracle" drugs) and people who have shyed from them have NOT lived the best and longest - quite the opposite. Ever speak in large numbers with, observe or know people infected who have taken the drugs for many years vs. those who did not? Apparantly not. Consult any HIV/aids specialists, doctors on this issue? You could not have or you would know better.  The ones who refused the drugs are either gone or doing very poorly. Fiinally, there is no "AIDS HOAX" as you say. Would be so great if actually that were true. You need to get educated, informed - for real. Check out the more recent editions of The New England Journal of Medicine, The Center For Disease Control, The Pasteur Institute. A warped mind is a terrible thing to unleash on the public. Lucky for you, I suppose, there is a thing called AOL.
But what I really don't understand and find so deeply disturbing - is that you would take the time to create a sceen name, profile, etc. just to express untruths - dangerous untruths - that serve no purpose whatsoever. What is actually behind such a scary and ridiculous tirade anyway?
to which I replied:
"what medications are you on?"
I really didn't expect to hear from him again, but....
received this:
Wow, smart comeback. That high IQ of yours is real evident. I'm on 2 medicines for HIV actually - and YOU?????
I guess that explains things a little. 

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

A great book -- definitely worth reading

I recently read a great book that I recommend highly.  Unlike most of my "AIDS" library, this one is a work of fiction.  It's the fictitious tale of what would be the largest class action suit in history -- a suit for $3 trillion on behalf of the 300,000 gay men who were killed by AZT from 1987 to 1997.  While the story is fiction, the facts presented in the trial are real and are documented in the book.  This is a real page turner.  I had a hard time putting it down.  You probably won't find this book in a book store or public library, but you can order it an any bookstore, or from Amazon, but you'll save money and help HEAL if you go to HEALAIDS.COM and follow the ordering instructions there.  The books is called "Wrongful Death: The AIDS Trial," by Stephen Davis.

You can read or listen to several chapters on line.  Check it out now, and perhaps add some comments here after you've read it.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Birthday Wish

26 today!  Dyslexia?  Me?  My wish is that the world will be a better place a year from now...and I helped!  I also hope my website will be a better place too: